The sounds of nature echo on skin

Ochi kema – come back to your inner self. Become grounded by rooting yourself in nature. The fine scent of herbs and hay on a summer’s walk, the ethereal, earthy smell of autumn, the energising power of ice-cold mountain water: inspired by traditional wisdom of local herbalists and naturalists, the spa taps into nature’s diversity to bring the collective power of Alpine origins into a space of tranquillity.

Silence as an

Calming waters

Water is the source of all life. The eriro pools offer a relaxing and intimate setting where time feels as if it is simply standing still, and where one can explore the inner self. It is water that creates this ambience, containing the very essence of both stillness and vitality. As water flows and swirls, it moves energising properties with it that carry and redistribute a wealth of information. With this in mind, each of the three pools serve their own special purpose.



The space created by darkness is transformed into a haven for the mind to wander. The meditation pool is located underground, bathed in an inviting and soothingly dimmed light. The 36-degree water cradles the body like a soft silken blanket. There is a singing bowl on the ceiling whose reflection of indirect light evokes thoughts of the sun.

  • the narrow, low entrance resembles the entrance to a cave 
  • the singing bowl can be played by pulling on a rope
  • the brass bowl produces sound waves that sends vibrations through the water
  • the water's vibrations are transformed into sound as you submerge yourself below the surface
  • in this soothing and inviting softly lit space, time seems to stop, making way for your imagination to run free


Beside the 40-degree pool is a small window with a magnificent view of the Tajakopf mountain. Hot water bathing provides deep relaxation and boosts overall well-being. It improves blood circulation in the skin and releases muscle tension. This bathing technique is inspired by the Japanese onsen bathing culture.


An observation platform of sorts, towering above the valley, the Panorama Pool offers a 360-degree view of the majestic Tyrolean Alp peaks through floor-to-ceiling windows. Within this enclosed space sits a 36-degree bath, positioned in a corner for the perfectly private experience.

on the

The warmth
of the forest

Daily life on the mountain is defined by contrasts: sun, rain and snow can be seen replacing one after the other in a matter of minutes. Spruce and Finnish saunas give the body the warmth it needs on cold winter days.

Water access is just a few steps from the sauna. Follow the sheltered path to the end – surrounded by stones on both sides – and arrive to a waterfall rock shower. The spa area extends along the ground level and out towards the Alpine meadows. An additional outdoor terrace with lounge chairs is a perfect spot for relaxing after a sauna session.



The organic spruce sauna sits adjacent to a window that offers an unobstructed view of the Alpine pastures and mountains. The sauna is equipped with wood storage. The aesthetic and scent make you feel as if you are in the middle of a mountain forest.

  • 60 degrees
  • infusions
  • self-applied peel treatments


Access to the Finnish sauna is via a stone path. The staggered slabs sit above the surface of ankle-high water, so that the path to the sauna can either be made by balancing on dry stones or walking through the water. 

  • 90 degrees
  • infusions 
  • self-applied peel treatments

Sound of silence

The spa area was intentionally positioned on the building’s lower level, where it could open onto an outdoor terrace flush with the surrounding terrain. An invitation to connect with Earth’s elements, with your own origins, your own nature, with untamed rocks, forests and meadows of the Tyrolean mountain pastures. The spa floor is uneven, resembling a field path made up of tiny round stones, encouraging you to explore stone, rock and earth barefoot, rediscovering another dimension of sensory experience through touching and feeling. 

Relaxation and sound room


The spa’s relaxation area is integrated into the 209 m2 pool and sauna premises, featuring 4 lounge chairs and room for 10 people. After a session in the sauna, sound room, or a dip in one of the pools, come here to experience tranquillity as it blends with the natural elements of the Alps. 


In the dim lighting of a secluded, sunlight-devoid space at the rear of the spa is a sound room where time is invited to stand still. Sound allows for complete concentration on oneself and full harmonisation of body and mind. 

  • hay and straw create a protective nest that surrounds the room's two loungers 
  • the loungers' singing bowls radiate music that surrounds the body
  • selected music resonates throughout the room and across the body like a massage of sound waves
  • the sound waves correspond to the frequency at which Earth pulsates - 7.83 Hertz - also known as the Schumann resonance
  • this promotes awareness and relaxation of the body 
  • a nature film plays on the room's screen, accompanying the music

Relaxation rituals under the sun and stars

After a challenging hike or a long day of skiing, your muscles long for rest and relaxation. Book a private massage in the lebenti treatment room, located under the protective gabled roof on eriro’s top floor. After your treatment, take a moment to step out onto the small balcony of the lebenti and take in the magnificent view of the Wetterstein massif.

Touch what time has left untouched

Purely Alpine

At one with nature and the mountain