summer days

Here's to a carefree way of life

Happiness lies in simplicity

How easily one can find happiness. Beyond the wealth of the tangible and intangible lies a place surrounded by pristine nature, one that touches you with its simplicity: like the feeling of soft, forest-scented moss under your feet, or marvelling at the unique crystalline forms of snowflakes, like the feeling of being completely grounded. In this very moment. In happiness.

The owners

The Posch family - the visionaries

‘We had a vision: of a journey to rediscover ourselves, to acknowledge and take a step towards the positive feeling that arises out of a sense of freedom and vitality. With the courage and the willingness to challenge the boundaries of our comfort zones, we wanted to create a place where origins, simplicity and the archaic take centre stage and utterly captivate. A space for unique experiences and new, inspiring adventures that fill our guests with pride and happiness that they can take home.’ Dominik and Amelie Posch

The Spielmann family - the strategists

‘As strategic, financial and process consultants, we provided our expertise to overcome the hurdles of realising this special and remote project in the midst of nature. This unique setting on the Ehrwalder Alm Alpine pasture is both a challenge and an opportunity to, with the company of great partners, redefine Alpine tourism and offer a way of living that bring people back their origins and roots.’  Martin and Christina Spielmann

Andreas Mader - the forest man

‘As a timber construction and carpentry specialist, this was a unique opportunity to create a showcase project for sustainable tourism at a former company site, surrounded by nature, and to realise it together with partners that can contribute hotel industry expertise. We created a destination out of original, local materials that offers a glimpse into real, original forest living in the Alps. A place where you want to stay.’ Andreas Mader

Just as it was thousands of years ago

Memories of days without a care in the world, hearts energised by untamed lightness and boundless freedom: the love for this tiny corner of the planet pulsates in rhythm with an appreciation for life, where every moment lived becomes a precious moment experienced with all the senses – as elemental as nature passing through the seasons, as constant as the mountain with its millions of years of age. Here's to a carefree way of life!

Weather on a plate in its many forms

Purely Alpine

At one with nature and the mountain