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Drift away from everyday life, embark on a journey into yourself, to your origins, to the essentials: As the smallest, most secluded hideaway in the Alps, at an elevation of 1,550 metres, eriro is a place of regeneration and tranquillity. A place where you can experience the true, authentic way of life on the mountain – in all its simplicity and pristine nature, and even more so in its innate understanding of how little it takes to be happy. 

"eriro invites you to leave everything that is familiar to you behind and experience the mountain in its archaic natural state ..."

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The eriro Alpine hideaway’s architectural design pays homage to the aesthetic of Alpine ecosystem structural elements, with emphasis on simplicity and traditions of craftsmanship. The interior features a minimalist design that focusses on the essentials. Lovingly handcrafted local materials including wood, wool and loden create an ambience that provides structure and shelter and, just as it did thousands of years ago, protects against the reliably present untamed forces of mountain nature.

Responsibility towards the region

The cornerstone and starting point for the realisation of eriro was the responsibility towards the region – to create a look with the Alpine hideaway that pays homage to the area’s traditional architecture and the beauty of its historic structures.

Alpine region aesthetics

The eriro project seeks to capture the beauty of the simple and traditional. Three typical Alpine saddle roofs – a symbol of the collaboration between the founders – join together in a way that resonates warmth and protection, and open towards the sky at the bend. 

A tribute to the origins

The concept of eriro is fuelled by the central tenet of recognising and honouring the importance of origins in all aspects: original Alpine region construction, original knowledge of the properties of plants, such as tanning agents for treating wood, or original need to provide shelter from wind and weather with the right kind of structure.

Unparalled in time-honoured craftsmanship

No CNC machines were used for any of the work. The architectural elements are almost exclusively crafted by hand, such as the 4,000 cotter pins, or the long, handcrafted table in the lobby. Each lamp is made by hand. The interior is embellished with woven, bound and carved wood, pure sheep’s wool carpets, and handmade coat hangers by designer huanzn. Even the bathtubs are crafted by hand out of tree trunks and sealed with resin. 

The value of local materials

In line with the idea of origins, almost all materials are locally sourced. Wood from the surrounding forests is the foundation for all interior materials from floor to ceiling. Architectural detail elements are manufactured and processed in Ehrwald. The roof is shingled with larch from the nearby forests. The wood darkens, a deliberate transformation and finishing that keeps with the Alpine aesthetic.


A sense for the essentials

The vastness of the pristine landscape at 1,550 m awakens an innermost humility in the face of nature’s magnificence: all life follows its rhythm. The seasons and their changing weather shape everyday life. The distinctive essence of this place determines its values:

  • step back to the essentials
  • create something new with utmost care
  • protect nature and the place so many call home 
  • create awareness for the region's assets: people, animals, culture

Nature as a core element

Natural resources of the region can be found in all aspects that make up eriro, hand in hand with the desire and commitment to live each day in respect of and with nature.

  • The architecture leans toward stylistically Alpine. Natural, local materials compose the exterior and interior: Stone and reclaimed wood, sheep's wool and loden 
  • Mountain experiences focus on local culture, are aligned with the weather and seasons, and hone the senses for interacting with nature
  • The kitchen sources most products from the Alpine region and favours shortest-distance delivery routes
  • Organic waste is recycled on site, returning it back to nature

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