over Alpine pastures
the Zugspitze peak rises dramatically

barefoot in the forest moss,
immersed in
the naturally divine

in its

Travel back
to the beginnings
of everything

Become one: with origins, with nature, with yourself. A sense of infinite freedom unfolds when in the luxurious company of time as it stands still. Welcome to eriro, created with a mere nine suites with the intention of establishing the smallest Alpine hideaway in the Alps, located at an elevation of 1,550 metres. Archaic and pristine, the untamed nature of the mountain draws the eye to the essentials and fulfils the innately human desire for simplicity and authenticity.



from 1.550,- € / night per suite / All-Inca. 65 m2for 2 persons


from 1.850,- € / night per suite / All-Inca. 80 m2for 2 persons


from 2.150,- € / night per suite / All-Inca. 100 m2for 2-4 persons


from 2.950,- € / night per suite / All-Inup to 215 m2for 4 persons

Nature infuses
the room

Stone, wood sourced from our own forests, and other natural Alpine materials from the area bring together eriro’s 9 suites, the rooms give a feeling of timeless luxury paired with authentic Alpine experience. Restrained in design and with an equal feel of cosiness, the suites provide a sense of structure and shelter. Nature, in its archaic splendour, floods into the room through floor-to-ceiling windows and lends to the interior with a play of light and colour.


Touch what time
has left untouched.

the unexperienced.

The natural
power of the

Blissful and mellow as a summery lazing about in the Alpine meadows, wild and powerful as a sudden thunderstorm, the many moods of mountain nature hone our senses to the essential. In the seclusion of the Alps, we once again become one with nature. Time-transcending mountain experiences and rituals remind us of the value of ‘the little things in life’ and anchor themselves as lasting memories.


The flavour
of mountain

A real fuir heats the stove, seasons and ever-changing weather conditions of the mountain are plated before you. Coarse and powerful like the rock of the mountain, or mild and delicate like a gentle summer's day, the dishes reflect the pulsating moods of mountain nature. Fresh local ingredients and traditional Tyrolean recipes inspire the kitchen’s creative cuisine of origins. Served on wood, stone or in the form of a nest, each dish is a culinary work of art. 

Origins of the Alpine region

Bask in stillness

Path to regeneration