A taste of nature

The flavour
of mountain

Wind and weather
on a plate

A cuisine of the origins, founded on preparation methods inspired by Alpine tradition and local ingredients. The focus is a new, exciting interpretation of treasured and familiar flavours. Menus embody the ever-changing weather conditions of the mountain in both taste and appearance: rough, rugged and powerful, or gentle, mild and delicate, the dishes are a reflection of the seasons and untamed forces of mountain nature. 

A real "fuir"
heats the stove

The way food has been cooked in the Alps for as long as anyone can remember. The fuir (local dialect for ‘fire’) of the restaurant’s open grill pays homage to the original way of life in the Alps. Impressive presentations on wood or stone, on grain or in the form of a nest, offer a multi-sensory culinary experience of the mountains through taste, smell, and visual aesthetic.

Step back to the beginnings of everything

Basking in nature and stillness

Purely Alpine